3 Mantras for Life

3 Mantras for Life

I’m sorry for not writing at all last week. I was moving from my home in Florida to my hometown back in Ohio. Just days after my breakup, I had to leave my family of friends behind. Understandably, the move has been hard on me. To get me through, I have been focusing on reconnecting with old friends and with me. One of the best ways to reconnect with me is to use mantras as an awareness tool.

So, for this post, I’m going to reveal the three mantras I use to get me through life and what they mean to me.

Be kind

This has been the big one recently. When I go to tear myself down and blame myself for all of the things that went wrong, I use this one. It’s a reminder to treat myself as I would treat others: with kindness. As a writer, this is also helpful for when I don’t make my word count. If I beat myself up over not writing enough, I’m going to want to write even less. This makes me take a step back and breathe.

My good comes from everyone, everything, and within

An old psychologist actually came up with this one, and I fell in love with it. I have a mala (a beaded bracelet used in meditation) that I tend to use with this to start and end my day. When there’s something that is particularly trying, like loud neighbors and student loans, this is also my go-to. To me, it’s a better way of saying that I should look for the silver lining. This also helps when I think about all of the pain I’ve gone through. I’ve learned so many lessons, it would be a shame if I never reflected on those.

There is only love

This is something I picked up from Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project, and she picked it up from one of her friends. One of my greatest gifts is my ability to love after and even during pain. I think to not love would be my greatest defeat. So when I feel myself having difficulty loving, I remind myself that there is only love in my heart. Everything else can fade away. Holding on to pain and anger is not as important as holding on to love in whatever form I can.


These three mantras are what I use in my life, but as I grow and change, I’m sure these will change with me. I love using these as a grounding tool when my life feels out of control. I hope that maybe you are inspired to find and create your own mantras. Let me know what yours are in the comments below!



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