Thankful Thursday

What better way to kick off a new blog about mental health than to share three things I’m thankful for? I’m sure there are plenty, but this is how I’m doing it!

  1. The First of the Month: When I get to flip the page on my calendar and look at all of the time for possibilities.
  2. December: My favorite month because it has my favorite holiday and the beginning of my favorite season. Such pretty. Much outerwear.
  3. My Boyfriend: He puts up with my crazy and still loves me. A miracle. I know.

Boom. Three. Wasn’t so bad was it? Boring? Maybe, but this is a first post and no one reads first posts unless they want to see how embarrassing it is/was. That’s fine. I’m used to embarrassment. I embrace it. Usually. Sometimes. If I’m with my friends. In a place I’m familiar with. So, I don’t really embrace embarrassment, but not all of the things that would embarrass a normal person embarrasses me, and that’s a start.

I’m sure as I continue on this journey, my posts will get better as all things do with focused practice. I’ll speak with more intent. For now, however, this is where I’m at. And that’s okay. I’ll come to terms with my writing as I come to terms with myself.

All in all, I’m thankful that I have finally decided to start this blog and that you’re reading it.


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