My life has been going pretty well for me lately. I moved to Chicago to be with my boyfriend, I got two jobs that I like well enough, I’m friends with a couple of my roommates, I had plans to go to grad school. Nothing was really going wrong except for my overwhelming student loans, but what millennial doesn’t have that? So why did I still feel like my life was falling apart? Because I wasn’t taking care of my mental health and it got out of control. My brain

Well, I failed at keeping the blog updated. So, quick personal update. I’m unemployed. I quit my job because one of the doctors that I worked with sexually harassed me and my manager chose to stop believing me when it became inconvenient. Along with a few other reasons. Now I’m on the hunt for another job. Preferably up in the Chicago area so that I can be closer to my boyfriend. Oh yeah. I am now dating the guy that I had been in love with for the better part

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while — a day shy of two months, to be exact — and I think I owe you an explanation as to where I’ve been with my life. Consider this a Monday Monologue to replace a Sunday Spotlight. On February 1st, my relationship the man I intended on marrying (I had a ring to propose to him and his mother’s blessing and everything) ended. There were a lot of things wrong with the relationship, a lot of good things too, but mostly it came down

This week, more than ever, I am thankful for “good problems.” Being thankful for a problem may sound a bit odd. Why would anyone want to be thankful for struggle in their life? My philosophy is that having these problems are an indication of having a higher quality of life. You only think about the spiders when you aren’t in the jaws of a shark. This comes from a mix of life experience, my own personal faith which encourages a life of tribulation, and a few years of studying stoic

Pretty much every article online on how to feel better is going to include exercise. Most are just going to say “exercise,” though. If you’re a couch potato like me, such a vague term can be a little overwhelming. So, I’ve compiled a list to break down “exercise” a little further into different kinds of movement that you could do. Go outside. You don’t even have to do anything if you can’t, but getting some fresh air and the move from your bed to the outside world will help. If you

This is the second part in our practical self-care series. Below I’ve outlined a few reminders on one of the most important parts of self-care: nourishment. A lot of these may seem like common sense, but sometimes we just need a gentle reminder to keep us on track. Eat something. There’s a chance you’ve forgotten to eat. I do it all the time. It happens. Right now, just go eat something. A+ if it’s something healthy, but if you haven’t eaten anything all day, don’t worry about it being healthy.

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