Personality in the Little Things

Are you prepared for contrived platitudes? Because here are some contrived platitudes.


Being asked to reflect on that which you’re thankful for is surprisingly daunting when you’re an optimist, but for a simple answer, it’s the little things, or rather the people behind the little things.

Seeing life as generally good can sometimes blind you to the fact that life is good because of a culmination of smaller items.

Whether or not you achieve your life goal, life will still go on, but what you surround yourself with daily can determine your overall perception of any situation. With full knowledge that I will sound contrived and basic, I have found that the people in my life have given me the tools to perceive my life in such a positive light.


I don’t want to harp on anything specific, but I do want to talk about the concept of taking the time to recognize the little things. People are creatures of habit; we like to do the same things repeatedly with some minor variations over a period. Sure, we create grand goals for where we want to be in five or ten years, but our habits will most likely stay the same. The same hour of a day that a person allocated to reading will still be there after they launch their start-up. It’s finding these things that enwrap one’s sense of wonder and comradery that cause those feelings to proliferate throughout the rest of their reality.


The people in my life are what guided me to my habits. A few friends and family members got me into action-sports, another friend got me in obscure science-fiction authors, and my family got into Blizzard games and power metal. Whether it be talking about sports events, writing a book review, or hopping onto a game, I have all these interests in my life that are personal and allow me to connect to the people important to me. It is the connection that I feel every time I do something that makes me feel alive, but as is the nature of habit, I do them so often that I sometimes forget the why.


It takes time to slow down, breathe, and think about the elements of my life to understand the reasons behind the things I do. Each habit is something that someone has shared with me.

They have given me a piece of themselves that I can carry with me, so when I engage in one of my habits, I realize that I am never alone, and for that I am thankful.


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