Refocusing on the Positive

Thankfulness is something I don’t reflect on nearly enough. It’s easier to just let the negativity get to me and bring me down. This happens so often that it might as well be my perpetual state. Now is the time for change though. Time to reflect and meditate on the forces of positivity in my life.  

Honestly the things I have to be thankful most for are my parents followed by my friends. Without sounding too contrived, my parents have basically been the two greatest sources of support. I had few worries going to college. I never thought I’d miss my parents and I was only really upset about having to leave behind my girlfriend. However, almost immediately the random encounters and events of real life began to stress me out. A panicked phone call to Mom or Dad usually resolved the issue because I had somebody to help me talk through the problems. I don’t seek out their help as often as in previous months, but despite this I know that I have people to talk to and family I can count on.  

Sometimes, though, I do reach out to friends, or they get in touch with me. We have fun together. We laugh, we game, and more importantly, we listen. I’m lucky to have friends who respect me and even luckier to know that they do. It makes the move from one state to another worth it, and comfortable since I can maintain relationships with old friends as I make new ones.  

I once heard someone share a pattern of thought related to positive and negative thinking. A sort of cycle in which positive thoughts send the cycle upward making you happier and negative thoughts send the cycle downward making you more stressed and unhappy. The idea being trying to find yourself in positive thought patterns. If you realize you’re on a negative train of thought, the idea is to try and stop that negative thought process to prevent yourself from continuing down that spiral. I really like that model because it is an easy-to-visualize one. Still, I find myself more often than not allowing myself to descend. Taking this time to write a bit about the things that are a positive force and the things that I’m thankful for has recalled that concept to my mind. Now I plan to put it into effect, taking that cycle into an up-spiral, and helping myself deal with stressors and become happier and easier to get along with.  


Kyle Swanson is working on a BS in Game Art at Full Sail University with ambitions to become a character artist. On the weekends, he’s repeatedly foiled by a party of adventurers in Dungeons and Dragons.

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