Practical Self-Care • Part 1: Cleanliness

Practical Self-Care Part 1: Cleanliness • A Daily Uh • Wellness Wednesday

Most self-care advice is centered around making your life look and feel pretty: string twinkly lights, read a book, smell the flowers, etc. But there aren’t too many lists for when you’ve been stuck in bed for days with time being practically nonexistent. So, I have decided to write a practical self-care series. We’re kicking off the series with cleanliness since it’s one of the simplest ways to make ourselves feel better, even when doing any of these things feels like climbing a mountain. Just do as many as you can and then the next day try to do at least one more.



This will almost definitely help more than it hurts. Even if you end up going back to bed after you shower, your clothes and your sheets will feel nicer. Which brings me to…

Do some laundry.

Wash those bed sheets that you’ve been sweating in crying in for possibly months. Wash the pajamas you’ve been wearing for three days. Your skin will thank you, plus, you get to pull warm clothes out of the dryer and who doesn’t love that feeling?

Brush your teeth.

I know when I’m depressed, this is one that goes by the wayside. It’s such a small task that it’s easier to rationalize that it’s not as necessary. But it’s still necessary. Your teeth won’t feel grimy, your breath will smell better, and the mint might wake you up a little.

Brush your hair.

You’ve probably been collecting knots from days of bed head. Plus it’ll help distribute some of the oil that your hair has been accumulating.

Put on deodorant.

This one is just easy to forget. It doesn’t really help you per se, but it might make you feel more put together. Also, if you’re a sweater, then you won’t feel as clammy.

Trim your nails.

It could just be me on this one, but I love the feeling after I’ve clipped my toenails. It’s like my toes can breathe again. My fingernails on the longer side, but after a while, it gets to be a bit of a hassle always bending and catching on things.


These are the things that I do that make me feel a little more ready to take on the world. I’m not a doctor, I don’t know the science to why these make me feel better, but they do. None of these fix my problems, but they help put me in the right mindset to tackle them.

Look out next week for Part 2: Nourishment.

What are some of your practical self-care tips? Let me know in the comments below!


Practical Self-Care Part 1: • A Daily Uh • Wellness Wednesday
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